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Research & Development

Plant require a balanced diet of essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle. Many of these essential nutrients can be found in the soil, but often in insufficient quantities to sustain high yields. Soil and climatic conditions can also limit a plant’s uptake of nutrients at key growth stages. Plants need 13 essential minerals, all of which play a number of important functions. If any of these is lacking, plant growth and yield suffer.

To cover this aspect Research and Development plays a very significant role. Blue Deebaj understand its importance and includes in its regular activities to improve knowledge of fertilizer use, enhance products quality, develop new products and provide growers with plant nutrition solutions. An independent Research & Development team carries out scientific experiments supported by a state of art laboratory equipped with the latest instruments to make the necessary analysis of fertilizer, soil, plant & water. We regularly pass on these information’s to the end user they can ensure nutrient needs are met and crop/plant quality is maximized. This provides high yields and high profits from the use of high-quality fertilizers.