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Blue Deebaj

Blue Deebaj FZCO is the manufacturers and distributors of world class quality products around the world and emerged as one of the Major players in the field of Fertilizers.

Under the perceptive leadership appropriately supported by a team of highly skilled professionals in the various and diverse field Blue Deebaj FZCO became a name to reckon with, for reliability and quality of service, in the field of chemicals & Fertilizers industry. Read More

Why ChooseUs

Our success lies in its commitment, professionalism and expertise, and in identifying strongly with their outcome. This sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value and are pro-active in solving problems and in adopting client satisfaction. Read More



A decade old brand with practical approach towards work and transparency.

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Best Quality Product

Thorough and vigorous tests are performed before the material is packed.

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Best Aftersales Service

Providing after sales service with dedicated team shows that we want to build long term relationship and loyalty with the customer.

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Health safety and Enviornment

Appropriate employee training with equipment and implementing a positive culture of safety.

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Innovation and Risktaking

Creativity, risk taking and innovation doesn’t happen without people!

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Ethics and Integrity

The success of an organization is built on the trust of customers, employee and general public. The best way to gain that trust is to demonstrate ethics and integrity in the business practice.

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Community and Society

Communities and society always larger than the institutions that rule them. This suggest that an institution is merely a part of a society or a community.

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Our Products

Water Soluble

NPK water soluble Fertilizer enhance the growth of plants. NPK fertilizer is primarily composed of three main elements: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), each of these being essential in plant nutrition.


Granular Fertilizer is widely used for all kinds of crops, such as paddy, wheat, corn, jowar and cash crops, such as tea, cotton, melon, fruit and vegetables.NPK Granular Fertilizer is a Combination of High Efficiency & Low Cost. More profits.


Fertilizer is any material of natural or synthetic origin added to the soil to supply one or more plant nutrients. Straight fertilizers are those which supply only one primary plant nutrient, namely nitrogen or phosphorus or potassium.

Trace Element

This product can use in all kind of soils, it contains highlights proprietary formula. With high nutrients uptake can prevent plant physiological diseases caused by the nutrient deficiency, promote leaf photosynthesis, increase carbohydrate accumulation in the plant, increase yield, and improve quality.

Organic Mineral

It is a kind of natural material extract from natural source either from soil /plant /animal /sea with high load capacity and physiological activity, which stimulate plants micro bio activity and improving the soil structure. Enhance the plant capability of anti-disease, anti –drought and cold tolerance for seeding soaking, root application and fertilization.

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Insect Control

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Our Histroy

Beginning 1970


Journey starts with a privately owned company were formed under the proprietorship of Mr. Razaak Dawood Dhanani, HFF (Hindustan Farms & Fertilizers).

SSP 1997


Liberty Phosphates Limited was established to undertake production of SSP in powder and granulated form and became the largest private producer of single super phosphate in India later on sold to coramandal in 2012 .

Establishment 2001


Blue Deebaj was established as a global leading supplier of specialty and traditional fertilizers.

Acquisition 2006


Blue Deebaj acquire stakes in Transworld Fertichem Pvt Ltd as a part of expansion in to a strategic market and setup two plants one in kandla (Gujrat) and another in Roha (Maharashtra) to produce the sulphate of potassium & specialty products with in the same facility.

Manufacturing 2008


finally a manufacturing unit was established in Jebel Ali under the name of Blue Deebaj FZCO.

Bulk Blending 2016

Bulk Blending

Blue deebaj Malaysia bulk blending unit.

Compo Expert 2018

Compo Expert 2018

COMPO EXPERT enters strategic partnership with significant Indian fertilizer group of companies Transworld Furtichem Pvt. Ltd

More To Come

More To Come